About Us

Freehand Provisions was launched by chef David Arnold as an outlet to build the change we wanted to see in our food system. For us, that means food that’s good for the planet and ourselves, bringing back a sense of community to how we eat, and most importantly, having more delicious meals. We do this through our line of products as well as private dining and communal dinner events.


What Drives Us



As trained chefs, we love pushing the boundaries on what we create. Our goal is to create products and experiences that get people excited to think about what they eat and more importantly, inspire them to play in their cooking.



We believe eating well is key to a happy life. Our sense of wonder with food began the first time we realised how delicious even a humble vegetable could be if properly grown and cooked. Since then we’ve been striving to coax the most flavour out of  the food we create, and show that nutritious food is delicious.



Food is meant to be shared. Some of our team's fondest memories have been spent around a kitchen table, mouth half full and belly happy, bonding over a shared meal crafted with love. Finding ways to facilitate that human connection is at the heart of what we do, may that be through creating products that get you excited to cook in the kitchen, or creating communal dining experiences that bring a wide array of people together.

For more information or dinner inquires contact us at freehandprovisions@gmail.com